from Oyndarfjørður to Elduvík and back

For today’s wet and cloudy weather I pick a short and easy trail.
It goes here on Eysturoy from Oyndarfjørður to Elduvík. And back. The person who has recorded the GPS trail has trampled over the pasture and I follow him/her. On my way back I'll stay decently on trail which is quite well marked except for the beginning. On my way up no-one tells me to turn right. Besides I‘m trying to get ride of a dog who keeps bringing me a yellow toy and demanding me to throw it. I throw as far as I can but she always finds me until the owner comes and settles the matter.
Path goes a little up and then around a mountain more or less horizontally for Faroese circumstances. Kalsoy is barely visible in the rain cloud. Or is it snow. Below foams the sea, on the wall are a few sheep. It stops raining in Elduvík so raindrops will not beat me in the face on my way back as I had anticipated. Glasses are still in the car for some reason.
Elduvík is one of the oldest villages on the Faroe Islands. I find a tiny harbor behind a corner and a moderately astonished old man in front of the corner. The couple of tourists that I have spotted since now are all suspiciously clean. No idea what they are doing to achieve that.
Half of Slættaratindur is already covered in snow. Probably wise not to go sledging there this season.
I pay a quick visit to Torftir where there is a big knitters’ shop. Things are generally not necessary but things that keep toes and fingers warm are nice.
from Tjørnuvík to Saksun and back
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