from Tjørnuvík to Saksun and back

Accompanied by Triumphal March from „Aida“ I drive towards Tjørnuvík.
In local radio are often talk shows and a lot of talk is of Jesus. Music is often choir music and they sing a lot of Jesus. And it’s a very mainstream radio station.
Tjørnuvík is a village with a tight cluster of houses. Between the houses walks a man with a baby stroller. Over the water Risin and Kellingin are visible. They stand actually on the edge of my home peninsula. From one corner of the village starts the trail towards Saksun. Saksun is supposed to be one of the most beautiful villages and the trail one of the nicer ones. In a blog it was said that it's enough to just visit Saksun because what tourist has 5-6 hours time to walk between two villages. Weird people who don't have a few hours time during their vacation. An unemployed person like me fortunately has enough time.
Luckily it’s cloudy otherwise the memory card would be full before evening. Even now there is a permanent state of awe. Tjørnuvík disappears below and Slættaratindur comes into view, shining with snow. All around are rocks, grass and some waterfalls. After the pass is a new view and again much amazement.
Saksun stands in the end of a narrow bay. Wind and water have filled part of the bay with sand and it has turned into a lagoon. In Saksun are turf roofs, locked church and some tourists with skin-tight trousers. If I want to get back before dark then I have to start walking again right away. The days have worn off to be rather short now.
On my way back a snow cloud fills the valley. The flakes dancing in the air are cool to see until they start to hit me in the face after the pass. All the wind was on the other side. Once I'm out of the cloud I can see something again. Mostly approaching darkness, lost horizon and Risin and Kellingin. No wonder people here on the Faroe Islands have so many stories of floating islands and fastening these on the bottom of the sea when ocean constantly melts together with the sky and the whole thing seems to be hovering in space.
In Tjørnuvík everything is the same. Even the man with baby stroller is still on the move.
Slættaratindur and Fossá
from Oyndarfjørður to Elduvík and back

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