The cars are parked so that even thinner people cannot force themselves in.
So while waiting I come to chat with a Czech couple who has been working in Iceland near Myvatn in a small farm for a year. Then come two German guys who have hitchhiked on a Danish car and one of them studies my car explains the others that “kivi” means “stone” and “tee” is “road”. He learns Estonain because his girlfriend worked in Estonia and maybe they’ll move to us.
Swiftly through Denmark that is built of red brick and where air is white from rain. This ecologically poor landscape looks even photogenic. This time I board the ferry in Århus to commemorate the Århus convention (access to information about environmental issues and right to participation, there’s a big problem with that in Estonia, long story). Bypassing Copenhagen and Malmö where three and four lanes intertwine with 130 km/h feel tiring for someone who is used to driving max 80 km/h.
Accommodation is somewhere in a dark Swedish village.
ship ride
a little bit of Skåneleden

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