new island, Sandoy

Pinkish white peaks on blue background pull eyes off the road.
Golden sparks are on slightly folded water. Over the bay behind Tórshavn is a snow cloud like entangled hair and sun shines next to it right in the eyes of the driver.
The ferry takes me to Sandoy, the sand island. The sand is next to Sandur village in dunes. Between the dunes and the sea has nature built tiny sand towers, each with a piece of seashell on top.
I move into a small house in Skálavík. Key is again in the lock-box next to the door so I don’t meet anybody. There’s warm in the house. Half of the heat and electricity on the Faroe Islands is produced using oil and the rest using wind and water and some ground heat. In cooperation with the Germans have been developed big lithium batteries that store wind energy and keep the current stable. The goal is to have it oil-free in 2035 in order to reduce dependency on the imports. Solar panel use increase is planned for the summers when there is less rain and wind. A new area is tidal power research. Tidal movement is easier to predict than wind and sun.
Fjallavatn hike
a walk on Sandoy

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