a walk on Sandoy

For cloudy weather that was in the forecast is a suspicious amount of sunshine outside.
I drive to Sandur for walking to Søltuvík beach from there. The road that was supposed to be gravel, is paved. For people who like to drive to the beach.
Next to the road is a huge rock that wears knitted clothes during summer season. Now clothes have been removed for winter and the rock wears a fishing net instead. It would make more sense to wear the lighter garment in summer but I guess the locals know it better. A bit further is a wall like a geography textbook. Then there are views on Small and Big Dímun and Skúvoy. The last of these I planned to visit from here as a day trip but you cannot go everywhere with such a short time.
A bit before the beach is a sigh anchored to a boulder announcing viewpoint. One has to follow blue marks. There are no marks but there’s a path. Red marks start when it is necessary to climb over a fence. Probably they meant the blue marks on the map. The path leads to a rock ledge which is lined with round shapes and hangs over the ocean like a balcony. Surprisingly arrive three hikers and occupy the viewpoint. It is above a hillock where the beach and cliffs beyond can be seen. No actual need to go down to the beach although the competing hikers aim directly to it, climbing over non-designated fences in the process. When the landowner has given permission to use the path then it maybe would be more polite to stay where shown and not run all over the place. I walk back through a shower of rain.
new island, Sandoy
another walk on Sandoy

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