trip to Fugloy

In the morning I have to call a number and report my wish to go to Fugloy.
The man on the number knows on which side of the island the ferry lands. On the other side.
Sea is calm except where it hits against the quay so that white foam jumps many meters high. The ferry approaches with the rainbow in tow. I have never before seen a rainbow that is more than half a circle. It continues in the sea and the ends almost meet on the quay. The guys on the ferry seem glad to see me and inquire how is it on the island and whether I have seen any people.
I leave the ferry in Kirkja because there an old man is coming onboard and so the ferry does not have to go around the corner to Hattarvik just for me. There are two villages on Fugloy or bird island: Kirkja (church) and Hattarvik. Between these is a road that is now freshly measured with GPS, a bit over six kilometers. No other roads. Not much birds this time of year either except for gulls, crows and starlings. Sun shines and draws shadows on the ground. Rain patches slide on the sea. Above the road is a geocache.
In Hattarvik I spot a few people, a very rusty Toyota and geese. If all other doors here are unlocked then churches are firmly closed. In Hattarvik church there is supposed to be a modern altarpiece and in Kirkja one showing Jesus Josepson walking on water between Faroe islands. Well, have to look these up in the internet. I have a short picnic and walk the same way back. Or actually not exactly the same way because I cannot fight the temptation to climb a mountain. When a climbable mountain is just right here without any fence or anybody seeing me. Dark clouds look at me from the direction of the bigger islands.
I read a bit on the quay, hoping that the ferry people don’t forget to pick me up. The afternoon ferry only goes when someone has ordered it. The ferry comes and together with it also some other passengers and a group of big green plastic garbage bins. Just before dark I’m back on Svínoy. One of the ferrymen comments approvingly that I know how to live. Well, living on the pig island is not complicated at all.
life on Svínoy II
moving to Eysturoy

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