moving to Eysturoy

Some people move into the house in the night. About time to leave.
Another shift is working on the ferry. Dark grey clouds are trapped between the islands and cannot get out. Towards the horizon sends sun its rays down and lonely shiny waves are visible on the water.
A short stop in Klaksvík for provisions and then I leave the Northern Islands. Half of my time I’ve spent here, half is now for all else.
Before going to next accommodation I turn towards Gjógv because is it anyway almost on my route and is a village where “everyone has to go”. Especially when during the drive there it is difficult to keep my eyes on the road.
Gjógv has got its name after a canyon next to it. Gjógv means canyon. The canyon can be examined from above and from below. Water drips from the walls and in one corner Japanese make selfies. Over the water sun runs along Kalsoy, behind it peek icy peaks of Kunoy. For a moment I think I understand Faroese surprisingly well only to realize that these are Icelanders.
A map next to the canyon shows a trail to Ambadalur. I have not prepared for a hike nor do I know how long the trail is. So I just grab my camera and go to have a look. The trail climbs up, view gets better with every step. On the right side is the sea, luckily separated from me with sheep fence. Over the sea is Kalsoy. Down life gulls who hover next to me in the air. On the other side is a wide valley filled with sunshine. I did not know that there are such open spaces on the Faroe Islands. The more I look the more it feels as if I’ve seen nothing yet.
The trail ends at next steep walls going down to the water. At least the sign says that the trail is finished although a faintly trampled path can be seen still continuing. I try to breathe in the whole view.
Sun disappears and wind arrives. Back down. Accommodation is in Eiði. I’ve reached Eysturoy or eastern island. Eiði is a quite big place. I happen to have a whole house just for me. It has so many doors and rooms that first I get lost.
trip to Fugloy
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