arrival in Ayutthaya

The flights are terrible.

On our way to Helsinki people are extremely restless behind me. The flight to Bangkok is overbooked and staff is looking for volunteers to give up their seat. Külli is sitting somewhere in front, my place in in the last row in the middle. Between two Finnish men with giant stomachs. I listen how they pronounce Thai names and try to guess which places are they talking about. When they fall asleep they kind of spread out and I feel like sitting between elevator doors.
In Bangkok with airport link to metro station, with metro to train station and with train to Ayutthaya. After half the distance a flat landscape becomes dimly visible through the heavily dusty window.
In Ayutthaya it is dark, a room with balcony and tasty food. A big frog jumps in the yard like a rubber ball.

to kill time in the airport
Ayutthaya tour

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