Ayutthaya tour

This time are here only thousand words and no pictures because the piece of cable that connects memory card reader with tablet is hiding somewhere.

During the night the local area map where I have marked our choice of temples also mysteriously disappears. Probably trolls.
Breakfast starts at 7.30. We talk about everything, take bicycles and attack the attractions. Luckily it is clouded and in the morning even a bit chilly.
Ayutthaya was founded in the middle of the 14th century and is marketed as the biggest city in the world in 1700. It lasted until 1767 when the Burmese destroyed it. Today the main draw are temples and stupas in various stages of falling apart. I have picked out two popular ones and five less popular ones. The popular ones charge 50 baht for a foreigner, less popular ones 20 baht and two places haven't bothered to organize ticket selling at all.
Wat Mahathat is famous for a Buddha head grown in tree. Wat Chaiwatthanaram is just big. Walls are sagging, towers leaning and tourists with selfie sticks everywhere. There's something with the heads, most statues have lost their heads. Wat Thammikarat is supposed to be the oldest ruin. It's full of roosters. We don't know what to make of the roosters. Later internet says that according to a legend a captured Thai prince won a cockfight and because of that Ayutthaya was freed from the Burmese. After that we see more roosters in other places as well. Wat Na Phra Men was the only temple left standing after the visit of the Burmese. It's nicely restored and comes with a dog in red cardigan. Then there's a leaning Buddha and after a pile of rice we cycle a long way on the other side of the river where there's less traffic and clean air. We were promised a temple with a small garden. The garden is there and in the tower flicker lamps, squeak bats and the floor is covered in bat shit that sticks to our soles. Small toys peak out from the openings in the walls. Wat Phutthaisawan was the name of this nice place. The last thing on our list, Wat Suwan Dararam requires a long drive and differs from other by wall paintings. Full working day.
Thailand is Laos washed and roads covered with asphalt.

arrival in Ayutthaya
moving over to Sukhothai

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