back to big city

Since there's no official breakfast we have a fruit picnic on our balcony with a view to the mountains we just climbed.

Then we try to catch someone from the staff but all the ladies that just moments ago waved brooms around the area have disappeared without a trace. After some yelling and knocking a fat boy comes into sight. We file a claim about a missing piece from Külli's bag and ask him to order a taxi. He can manage the taxi but the missing piece remains missing.
In bus station our bags are swiftly thrown onto the roof. Sky is blue-washed. We circle down towards Chiang Mai. In the back row people start throwing up and coughing noisily. Külli runs off to buy something in every opportunity and leaves a portion of food unpaid in Pai bus station.
Rush hour in Chiang Mai. A young lady on a motorbike uses the time behind traffic light to have a snack and look at her phone. We disperse the tuk-tuk drivers, buy tickets to Chiang Rai and walk to the hotel. The hotel is just around the corner. In dinner place we can take beer from the fridge ourselves.

a walk in the woods
missed a meeting with a friend by four kms

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