missed a meeting with a friend by four kms

We roll down from the hills towards Chiang Rai. It was also a capital for some time until the Burmans came, as always. The hills have for most part been chewed clean of forest, only trees have remained.

Külli checks all stalls in the stops but she does not manage to shoplift anything this time. For me the bus moves too slow and the stops are too long. I have to reach internet to look where is a friend who crosses over Burmese border into Thailand just about now. Another friend from home keeps an eye on the map. Luckily there's some delay on the border.
We take our dirty clothes to laundry. Drink beer and stare at the map. Border says that they need a certificate from a doctor but then the dot still starts moving. We go and photograph the clock tower, then drink coffee looking at our phones like the locals. The dot stops about four kilometers from us. I'd run if I knew where to exactly and how long is the stop. And then it moves away towards Laotian border...

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