blue and black

Today are blue and black, white will come tomorrow. For celebrating 100 years of the Republic of Estonia.

The Blue Temple or Wat Rong Seua Ten is completely blue, only Budhha is all white. It was finished just two years ago. The place is full of phone photographers and finally a huge amount of schoolchildren are released in the area.
The Black Museum used to be home and studio of the artist Thawan Duchanee who died in 2014. Now the place is a museum, exhibiting his view on Budhhism. Everyone can think what they want. Many houses made of dark timber, filled with horns, scalps, antiquities, Buddha sitting next to a refrigerator, big rough furniture. People throw money on the former animals and take pictures of themselves with them. The attraction includes a bus ride, 20 baht per person. Going there we impress a German couple sitting in front of us with Swiss accent. On our way back we cross the highway and catch a passing bus using a policeman as a bait.
We go to change money. The clerk chooses the best looking bank notes and meanwhile the bank is closed so we have to exit from the back door. Laundry is done, no socks missing.
In the evening we walk in the night market where a whole amount of unnecessary things are sold and eat in a huge tourist eatery. There's a band. To end the evening up we observe pancake making.

missed a meeting with a friend by four kms
and white

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