Today is bicycle.
First we wake up the owner half an hour before official breakfast time. Then comes a tuk-tuk and gathers some tourists from old and new town in order to drop them off at the cycle booth. Seems that everybody else wants to go to see the ruins for the whole day. We can manage the ruins in half a day and can find them without the guide. Instead we head out to the fields. Short detours to mushroom factory, morning market to eat tiny pancakes and noisy children's party. Next three hours we cycle along village paths and between the fields. Rice, tobacco, herons and swallows live on the fields. The fields are irrigated with the help of tractor engine that pumps water across the street. Some fertilizers. The guide is called Paul for tourists. He points out plants for us and is interested in Estonian expressions that he cannot pronounce convincingly. Lunch ends the event.
The organizer was
In the hotel we have a symbolic rest, then take the rusty bicycles on offer there and head for the ruins. Heaps of brick are here and there between the trees. Away from the park centre is just fun to cycle. Except for a giant standing Buddha we look at all of them from the saddle. And in another place we spot the Peruvian guy taking pictures of his toy lama. In landscaping the locals are still on the level when all grass needs to be cut. Today no tickets are sold because of the children's holiday and everything is for free.
On our way back we cross the central park. Everybody is there with disco and colorful balloons. Near the sunset we meet Pia.
The wife of the German accommodation owner is ill so her sister is called to make dinner. He obviously married the whole family.
moving over to Sukhothai
on the fringes of mass tourism

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