moving over to Sukhothai

Today's assignment is to drive to Sukhothai.

We begin with it first thing in the morning. In the bus station I meet Pia the German and David the Peruvian. Pia works as a teacher for handicapped people and has Sabbatical which she uses for travelling in Scandinavia, Hawaii, Thailand, US and Sri Lanka.
Traffic is calm. Garbage bins and turn signals are in active use. When turning to main road people first look over their shoulder. Communication seldom happens through signalling. Road has at least three lanes in both directions in the morning that dry up into two lanes for both directions in the end. We move up along Chao Phraya tributaries and back in time. Sukhothai or Sukhodaya in Sanskrit version was the capital before Ayutthaya. I entertain myself by spelling place names on the signs.
We live in the countryside, between temple ruins. The accommodation is run by a German, the atmosphere is nice. When we ask then it turns out that it is the same with tourism everywhere. The prices are low, the season too short, all the time something needs fixing. Cicadas yell outside.

Ayutthaya tour

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