Nan, for the second time

The taxi driver arrives one hour earlier than agreed.

Luckily we have already finished breakfast and packing and enjoy the morning reading books. The driver is new, with a base ball cap wearing a title "pervert". Starts to shift around on his seat pretty soon and offers to visit a café. The last one didn't sleep nor talk, this one does both.
Café is by the road, coffee maker is a Chinese looking old man. But he's local. The views are good, no tree in the way. A photogenic but sad landscape, mirroring greed and ignorance, two of three biggest sins according to Buddhism. Extravagant people from the capital arrive and pose with a flower basket and without to entertain everyone.
Back in the city, we get a finer room next to the last one and dig into internet.
At dusk we cruise with bicycles to the bus terminal, get tickets for tomorrow and eat something spicy. Then, mouth open, to the night market for some pancake and fruits.

second day in the forest

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