The hotel family takes us to the bus station with their car which is very nice of them.

We go a bit closer to Bangkok. Phrae is another provincial capital and it takes two hours from Nan to get there.
The songtao driver again does not seem to have ever heard of our hotel but after some wrong turns still finds the right house. We live in a museum in a family accommodation. The family is nervous. There is some kind of smell in tourists' room. It smells strongly of some chemical. A boy comes and says that it is Thai perfume and it cannot be turned off. Brings a fan to our door. They probably made extensive preparations for us using the smell. In order to comfort them we look whole of the antiquities collection of the owner. There are furniture, dishes, money, statues of Buddha and old electronics. Impressing.
We eat soup that this time is not good. Drink coffee. Then we search noteworthy wooden architecture in the old town. The pink house, Ban Wongburi is a two-storey teak house with European inspiration and is full of things. Ban Vichairacha is dilapidated and Mr Veera who has tried to restored it has gone bankrupt twice. In Khum Chao Luang lived a prince and even the king has visited it. Glass cabinets are open, no staff to be seen. Cleaning has not been finished. To end the day we wander through the market where Külli buys meat balls.

Nan, for the second time
the longest bus ride

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