the longest bus ride

To bus station in the back of a truck. First row seats on the second floor in the bus.

The wheels seem to be square or for some other reason there's a strange vibration in the bus. Weed-wrapped forest looks once more into the window then mountains back off. Pink blossoming trees appear on the road side instead. A stewardess in blue uniform walks around with a tray full of drinks, lunch is included in the ticket. The journey takes two hours longer than advertised. That makes exactly nine hours.
In Bangkok we adventure below highway and then take metro to the airport link. At some point I get stuck in the queue organizer to entertain fellow human beings. In the plane my knife drops under the seat and stays there.
There's a surprising amount of people in Vantaa airport half past five in the morning. Tallinn is almost visible. I try to take are of the photos within a few days.


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