from Jõuga lakes to Rüütli

It was a rather noisy night but everything is quiet in the morning.
Some meadow and forest until Iisaku. The campsite there has a watch tower. In Iisaku the church is un-typically open. As is a cafe where I have lunch with pancakes.
A few kilometers of asphalt until Kotka local hiking trail. This is a cool one. Bog landscape and forest. Brand new campsites, two huts. I have not seen this type of huts and toilets before, with a glass ceiling. Fancy.
The bog is windy, cottongrass and labrador tea are blossoming. I take water from a pond and make my shoes wet. Sit long outside until the chilly air drives me into the hut for shelter.
from Konsu to Jõuga lakes
from Rüütli to Agusalu

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