from Rüütli to Agusalu

Some blue sky in the morning and more sun as the day advances.
Walking in the forest mostly. Exactly 10 km after start is a surprise campsite. Very clean, nice for a picnic.
After that the path continues in hay where I meet another hiker. She walks for third day, tests her gear and strength.
The hay part ends in Vaikla holiday center. Possibility to have another lunch and I use it gladly.
A circle on the map is really nice pine forest over ancient sand dunes. Lovely light and scents. Last 10 km is gravel road, some of it loose stones that make walking difficult.
Agusalu campsite is near Imatu lake. Make my feet wet while going to fetch water. Last camp night.
from Jõuga lakes to Rüütli
from Agusalu to Kauksi

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