from Mardihansu to Raketibaasi

A warm night filled with birds chirping, except for one hour of silence during the darkest time.
I know it well because I blow air into the matress once in an hour. A leak. Spend a long time in the morning searching for the hole but fail to find it.
Most of the trail goes through open windy green and yellow fields. No clouds.
Porkuni lake beach is full of sunbathing people. I drown the matress, don’t find the hole. Discover another moving part on the air cap. Scruwing it thight helps. One test-night was too superficial.
Some more fields and wind and far-reaching views. Last stretch before the Raketibaasi (rocket base) campsite one has to follow white strips of plastic between clearcut areas. One piece of forest still stands, containing impressive thick spruces and blue violets. Some noice-making people at the campsite but luckily they leave before dark. Rockets moved out of here in 1978.
from Eesjärve to Mardihansu
from Raketibaasi to Roela

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