from Raketibaasi to Roela

It’s cold in the night but at least air stays nicely in the mattress.
The long straight stretches of trail that looked boring and terrifying on the map are lovely forest paths in real life. Surrounded with different kind of forest and lined with dandelions. Elk prints in mud, two roe deer cross the road, one squirrel.
Rohu rocket base is included in the route. Overgrown concrete ruins waiting to collapse. Even nuclear war-heads were kept here.
It turns windy. Weird weather, wind is cold but it’s warm in the sunshine.
No water at Roela campsite and there were no water bodies along today’s route. Manage to get my water bottle filled by a random guy whom I see walking by the road.
from Mardihansu to Raketibaasi
from Roela to Soosaare

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