from Nelijärve to Tõõrakõrve

A nice stretch of trail with some asphalt but mostly forest paths.
Siniallikad (blue springs) next to the trail is a scenic place. Crystal clear water covers huge mysterious craters. Water tastes good. Next water body, Kalijärv lake, has a nice beach. Herbert George Wells was here, for romance and haymaking. Some climbing, good views. In Rägavere a man explains the story of a local house and tries to stop his dog barking at me.
Two shop stops, Jäneda and Lehtse. Water from Soodla river this time. See an escaping deer.
The campsite in Tõõrakõrve is next to the army rehearsal area. Tank watching possible.
from Voose to Nikerjärve
from Tõõrakõrve to Eesjärve

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