from Voose to Nikerjärve

Tent has to be packed while still wet and quite dirty.
It rains and snows and then the sun shines. Mostly all this at the same time.
Gravel road through the forest until Tarvasjõgi river. There a lovely forest path begins. The river meanders a bit below. Later gravel returns and I roam in the forest parallel to the road. Find a steaming clearing and a mysterious thicket, some animal’s sleeping place and an empty beer can.
Since the forecast says it will be minus 4 tonight and some of my stuff is still damp, I have booked a place in Nelijärve Holiday Center. The trail goes right through their territory. Instead of Nikerjärve campsite where I originally planned to stay.
Shop visit in Aegviidu and sunny hilly forest path until the accommodation.
from Paunküla to Voose
from Nelijärve to Tõõrakõrve

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