from Roela to Soosaare

It’s going to be a long day.
There are some options to shorten it but I’m too curious about the places and it looks like my foot can handle it.
Some forest within Roela and a friendly lady on the other side inquiring where I go. Some windy gravel road. An RMK worker drives past me and recommends to sing. It should teem with bears here.
A longer stop at Seljamäe campsite. It’s by the road but nice and new. From there the trail follows a local study trail with a warning that the beginning is wet and it is recommended to start from another point. It is wet indeed. About my foot deep mud. Not for long. Then the trail raises above forest and bog and circles the bog. Half way is Punasoo campsite. No car access, really quiet and peaceful place. The bog sizzles in the hot air.
The circle complete, the trail returns to gravel for some time and then turns back into the forest for what is easily one of the best stretches of the whole route. Wild mossy forest on one side, meagre bog trees on the other. I forget to sing for the bear.
I continue to Soosaare campsite which is actually a hut. The benches inside are a bit too narrow to sleep on so I put my tent up. Then sit in the middle of dandelions until the sun disappears behind trees.
from Raketibaasi to Roela
from Soosaare to Uljaste

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