back to the train

February has started.
Brits have left the European Union. One month to go before Poland.
We head towards Rovaniemi. Some faint sun is visible through thick cloud cover. Out of curiosity we stop before Rovaniemi in the pilgrimage destination. In less than hundred years this religion has conquered the world. Something that Muhammedans have tried to do since 8th century and have not succeeded yet. The ethical and moral requirements of the new religion are relaxed enough to suit the masses. Everyone can practise according to his or her abilities and only need to pull oneself together once a year for a bigger religious ceremony.
To the Santa village a lot of people from the homeland of the flu have been garhered. Maybe they are there in quarantine. Seems like a dangerous place.
In Rovaniemi we aim for bookshop and coffee but are mislead by Partioaitta. THE outdoors shop in Finland. Spend a lot of time and not less money. Kalle needs to be equipped properly for hiking. We also reach the bookshop. And coffee and sandwiches. Later is again a beer in the train station restaurant and with the car into the train.
with bicycle in the snow
at home

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