with bicycle in the snow

Snow swirls on our bike road.
We rent fat-bikes to have fun in the snow. Most trails are covered in thick snow but we can drive around Ahvenlampi and along light traffic roads. Snowflakes land in our eyes and obscure the view. During stops a small pile of snow accumulates on the saddle. The bike works surprisingly well in snow.
When back inside we wrap ourselves in shawls because the heating has been set to a comfortable temperature. This is how the manual on the table explains the situation. To change the temperature we should call the host. We had it warmer in the forest hut.
In the end of our dinner we by accident exdinguish the fake candle in the restaurant. A strange thing with the candles here. Yesterday Kalle tried with two matches to light the plastic candle in our rented livingroom. It didn’t want to burn. The wood in the fireplace also does not want to burn and Kalle refuses to believe that there’s also a switch for these somewhere. Later we’ll probably be in trouble for still managing to burn some of the logs.
out of the forest
back to the train

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