more wandering aroung

It is hot in the night but there are also tropical 11 degrees outside.
We undertake an expedition to Kapusta forest hut. Snow has almost covered the trail that was clearly visible just yesterday and on half way the snow mobile has turned towards some bush. From then on it goes with more effort but not for long. From behind comes a guy on snow mobile, announces that he took a new fire estinguisher to our hut and drives on, leaving a brand new trail in his wake. Skiing goes a lot merrier after that. Sky has the color of tin and drops down new snow. Forest around us is all white and tranquil.
When the frozen hut comes into view, we see the snow mobile guy waving and driving off. He has cleared the path to the toilet and made a fire in the fireplace. Outstandig service. We warm our fingers, read the guest book and eat everything we have with us.
The way back goes fast. We must live in a valley.
Tonight our travelling kitchen offers raviolis.
wandering around
out of the forest

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