wandering around

By morning my boots have frozen and stuck to the floor.
It was still warm and cosy to sleep though. Dreams were full of action.
The day starts with fire-making. Outside is big white. White sky, white trees and white ground. We go exploring in the neighborhood. A sign points towards café. Al hare has also been here to check the place out. A dream of cinnamon rolls shatters into ice chrystals. We shortcut back over the lake to the trail and slug up a mountain. Up there are thin firs bowed under heavy snow, wind howls and the world further away hidden between tiny swirling snow flakes. It goes down with great speed and daring curves around trees. Landing flat in snow score stays 3:2 in my favour.
The day continues with fire-making. We also heat the sauna where it’s possible to cook snow in a huge pot in the front room. All the time between adding wood to fire is spent with book reading.
Temperature on the upper levels in sauna reaches 75 degrees but pieces of ice still stay on the floot. This does not stop us from jumping into snow a few times.
into the forest
more wandering aroung

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