from Lviv to Synevirska Polyana

It is better to sleep in the bed than in the bus.
Another day in transit. First a train to Volovets, then by bus to Mizhhir'ya and from there with a shared taxi to Synevir where the vehicle turns into a private taxi and takes me the rest of the way to the lake trailhead. The driver charges me 350 gryvnias for the whole trip that should be ok. He of course speaks of a massive discount which is probably not so massive considering that he is very interested in servicing me again in the future.
I'm in the mountains now and it is super impressive. The landscape is more or less vertical and covered in spruce. Villages look surprisinlgy nice with many flowers and small churches on hilltops. People are friendly, at least when approached. But they do tend to speak only Ukrainian so my few words of the language come in handy.
from Tallinn to Lviv
Synevir lake

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