Synevir lake

I start early and the village is still asleep except for an old man making hay up on the wall-like mountain.
There is also no-one at the ticket booth so I get in for free. Access to Synevir lake costs 30 grivnyas. There's a paved road with water gurgling on both sides.
Lake is like a mirror but smaller than I thought. It is the biggest mountain lake in Ukraine and arguably the most beautiful hence the tourist crowds during daytime. I circle the lake, listen to birds and see a squirrel. Some garbage here and there and too many man-made structures for my taste.
Since for me is too early for schashclik I go to check out one of the trails that start from here. The forest is cool and mysterious, filled with birdsong. Some wild boar prints in the mud. My plan is to reach some viewpoint but the view keeps escaping between the tall trees. Finally I reach a clearing where a track goes up. It's steep but there is the view. As are many flowers and humming insects. Take a few pictures but it quickly gets hot here in the sun.
On the way back the forest looks just as nice. The lake is surrounded by people now. I find a shady table and try out some dishes with strange names. Tastes good.
Back at the hotel, I find out that I've walked 13,6 km. Fall asleep. The three public transportation days obviously still sit in my body somewhere.
Later it starts to rain. Thunder echoes between the mountains. Impressive. After the rain everything is wrapped in mist.
Transport for tomorrow needs to be organised. I want to go to Myslivka where I start my hike. Mihhailo arranges a taxi to Mizhhir'ya where there is supposed to be a bus towards Myslivka. It means I'll start walking later than I'd like but it'll probably be just fine. No internet in forecast until Tatariv which is after nine days.
from Lviv to Synevirska Polyana
from Myslivka to Nimetska pasture

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