from Nimetska pasture to Solotvynka pasture

An early start because a heavy thunder is in forecast.
It goes fine over Horhan Ilemskyi. Then I make a detour to Mshana river to wash myself and some clothes and take water with me, just in case. Later I see a spring right next to the trail before Yaiko Ilemske.
First raindrops fall when I’m on the peak of Yaiko Ilemske. I get down fast and wonder if I could make it over the Ukernia range as well. Then thunder hits. I’m on a narrow trail between low pine trees, more like bush. Hoping it will be over soon I stay sitting on a branch. Rain only gets heavier as does thunder. And hail. When it bangs right over my head I curl up so small I can although I realise that it missed me. I’m very cold and regret not staying lower on level ground where I could have put my tent up and added warm clothes under shelter. Now I just have rain coat over a t-shirt and soaking trousers. Don’t know how long I sit like that before pulling myself together, throwing the tent over the pine, my backpack and me and putting a polo under the rain coat. Then squeeze water out of my socks. Suddenly someone says ”dobryi denj” and suggests that I might come out now. The thunder is over. It’s a wet guy going to the other direction. Approximately two hours have passed.
Start moving quickly to get warm. Pink and grey clouds cover the sky. Rocks are slippery. Ink blue and dark green slugs on the trail.
I’m too tired to reach the pasture but stay next to the trail in the forest where the ground is more or less level and someone has already camped. Put on all clothes, make a quick dinner and hot tea. Later cow bells can be heard from below.
Distance walked: 18,1 km.
from Myslivka to Nimetska pasture
from Solotvynka pasture to Plistse pasture

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