from Solotvynka pasture to Plistse pasture

The pasture was only a little bit below from where I stayed.
It is romantically foggy in the morning. The bells are attached to horses this time.
Climb up to Moloda mountain, layers of blue peaks visible all around. The pine thicket that usually surrounds each peak is wet and soon so am I. Have a short picnic at the top and meet three day hikers. They promise it will be no thunder today and there is water at Plistse pasture. Hrofa mountain that has to be climbed next looms ahead and looks very far away.
The way down is steep and soon turns into a stream with frogs and lizards living in it. I’m not sure if this is beacause of the rain or have I lost the trail. Finally down, I make a short stop at a stream to wash myself and do some laundry. It’s refreshing to tip my feet into cold water.
Between me and Hrofa is Moloda river. I suppose there is a bridge where the trail starts to go up but no. So I have to wade it. The river is not deep though. The climb up looks also more like a stream at first but then becomes drier. I pass by Hrofetskyi pond where it is very wet. There seems to be a strolling trail around Hrofa mountain going to Plistse pasture. It would take 7,7 km one way and 2,5 km from the other side. There’s also a cabin before the last stretch of ascent to Hrofa.
I take the hard way and go over the top. Have to pull myself up holding on tree roots occasionally. See a black snake who thinks that I’m a big dangerous animal. Nice view from the top and wind dries my wet toes.
Steep and short descent to Plistse pasture. There’s a big cabin, a spring and a young couple. I put my tent a bit further away into a patch of sunlight. After I’ve finished my evening duties and hidden into the tent from the bugs the young man brings me a pile of grilled sausages. They wanted to treat me. I’m speechless.
Distance walked: 19,8 km.
from Nimetska pasture to Solotvynka pasture
from Plistse pasture to Osmolada

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