from Osmolada to Borevka pass

Morning is bright again.
The Carpathian weather is like family violence. After a storm everything looks beautiful but the foreboding of the next unpleasant event already lures somewhere.
The mud road continues towards Osmolada. Before the village the path turns right over the river. With a bridge.
The ascent is built up in stretches so effort and relief take turns. The plants are still wet and this makes me soon wet as well. Squeezing through pines, hoping on stones and rubbing against wet vegetation are the main activities of a hiker here.
On sunny spots one must take care not to step on the black snakes. They escape when they sense steps but still. I have not found out what species are they or wheather they are poisonous. Many yellowish frogs too. A squirrel escapes up the tree.
Half the way up is an empty and tired cabin with a well. I take water and wonder if I should stay in case it starts to rain and let the rain pass. But maybe it will not rain. So I continue.
The pine trail part has been widened recently. Of course there are the rocks over both Vysoki and Ihrovets. Clouds gather, no thunder. View all over the Carpathians. The mountains behind me stand separately but the ones ahead form ridges like walls.

When going down it drizzles a bit but not for long. I sit for a while. A few common chiffchaffs, flies buzz, a spider strugles over moss, the spruce stand still.
The campsite is down on Borevka pass which is weird because since now I have always went up to a pass and not down.
There’s a nice meadow with plenty of suitable tent spots on the other end. It thunders so I put the tent up quickly and hurry to fetch water. A stream crosses the path a bit further. When I’m happily back the cloud disappears.
I eat some soup, then read in the tent, away from the bugs, watch the clouds, hear the birds. Later go and take some pictures of flowers. What a lovely afternoon. Only in the very evening some other hikers arrive.
Distance walked: 21,1 km.

from Plistse pasture to Osmolada
from Borevka pass to Rushchyna pasture

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