from Plistse pasture to Osmolada

It is already quite hot when I start to walk towards Parenky.
Make my feet wet because there are some cunning mud holes on the trail. On the top I can see silent mountains and buzzing flies.
Going over Mala Popadia and Popadia involves trying not to get too stuck in the pine thicket and navigating over huge stone blocks. The clouds start to gather but I still need to get over Koretvyna in order to get down. Paradoxically you often need to go up here for getting down. On the saddle between Popadia and Koretvyna is a campsite cum garbage dump. This would be a good place to stay for letting the rain pass but I keep going hoping to make it over the mountain. Nope.
The rain hits when I’m half way up. This time I know what to do. First some warm clothes and rain gear on then tent up. So by the time it really starts to rain I sit comfortably inside and munch peanuts. Since I’m out of water I also stick a mug under the tent cover and can soon quench my thirst and fill up the water bottles. By the time thunder gets very loud and it starts to hail I have finished making notes of what I’ve seen today. I’ve been clever enough to sit on the side of the trail in the blueberries and also put my bag there because soon a small merry stream crosses through my shelter along the path. When the stream dries up the thunder is far enough to continue. With dry toes.
A rainbow on the other side of the mountain and some steam rolling over the hills. It is a lot of hassle though to get down and it takes a long time. My toes are soon wet but there are three pairs of dry socks now in my pack. That’s comforting.
After a while I reach a nice forest path. The going gets easier and faster and rises the question why does one have to go over the peaks anyway.
Two river crossings, both with bridges. Nice. The first one is so slippery that I go over it on my bum. The second one is for cars. Then a muddy dirt track takes me almost to Osmolada. I see a fire and hear music and loud voices so decide to stay in the forest by the side of the road just before the campsite. There’s a stream just before. People have been picnicing there which can be seen from the garbage. I gather most of it into a pile to make the place nicer. It’s half past nine so I put the tent up quickly, eat and fall asleep.
Distance walked: 25,1 km.
from Solotvynka pasture to Plistse pasture
from Osmolada to Borevka pass

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