Rain in the morning.
Everything is gray. The driver needs to pump a tyre half way and then stops twice to check it. A button that he keeps turning, falls off. I hope the car stays in one piece until we get there.
I exit the car right into a roadside shelter. Put on rainclothes. After half an hour it looks more or less okay to go. It’s half past eight.
Many stalls at the trailhead selling food, drink and souvenirs. Thin raincoats seem to be the hit of the day. There’s also an option to take a shower and use the toilet and I see some tents under the trees.
Follow the colorful raincoats up the trail. It thunders a bit but rain is reduced to drizzle. First through some forest then out in the open. Steeper parts follow more even ones. I have learned that one needs to take a certain amount of steps and then eventually reaches the top. The play of clouds is eye-catching.
I remember Sasha from Nimetska pasture who exitedly explained that Goverla is just a mountain and there’s no point coming here. The guys had not been here themselves. Sometimes people who have not done something are very sure it’s not worth it. Well, it is not every day one gets a chance to look down on Ukraine even if Ukraine tries to avoid it by covering up in clouds.
The sun comes out for a moment when I reach the top. Like a blessing. Already many people with big backpacks there. Since a dark cloud is approaching I don’t linger long but start to descend towards Petros. It should take an hour and 15 minutes to reach a tourist shelter.
Half way down the cloud envelopes everything and I continue in a soundless dreamscape. A crow appears and disappears.

The second floor of the cabin is occupied by a family and so I move into a small room on the first floor. There are two guards in the neighboring house and from talking to them I actually don’t understand if staying in the house is free or not. I end up paying nothing.
It rains heavily on and off, the evening is warm and foggy. Hikers keep coming in, everyone wet. It feels a waste of time to sit here almost the whole day but it is certainly the driest place to sleep between here and Kvasy.
Distance walked: approx 7 km.

Zubrynka river-Tatariv
walk to Kvasy

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