walk to Kvasy

A foggy morning, I’m the first one to get on the trail.
It should be mostly a dirt track and I’ll skip climbing Petros. Enough climbing done already and there are thick clouds everywhere. They keep crawling over the road and sliding up and down mountainsides. Soon it starts to rain and stays that way.
I spot many places for camping next to the road, some with a spring or stream or even a picnic table. There are tents also and I encounter hikers who happily greet me.
Closer to Kvasy there are some houses in the fog. A woman cleans the yard and I hear voices in the whiteness ahead. Two merry men approach and the woman is clearly not pleased.
Some yelling behind me. A young boy in red jacket searches his cows. He finds them in the outskirts of Kvasy.
Kvasy. Second there is Tsypa, a famous brewery. But first this is where my mother, aunt and grandparents were in 1976. I’ve got the address and want to find the house. This will be tricky because most houses have no numbers. We’ll see tomorrow.
Tsypa is easy, it’s almost across the road from my hotel. I enjoy the well-deserved beer.
Distance walked: 25,7 km.
from Kvasy to Lviv

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