I go to check out the city.
Road construction is going on in many places. People are selling berries, vegetables and clothes on the pavement. In architecture past glory as well as soviet suffering is visible.
I don’t have any real plan and somehow keep circling on the same streets. Look at some churches, sit in some cafes. Lot of ugly graffiti on the walls. Many parked cars on the streets. Weird that even some cafes offer visitors platic cups, I learn to avoid those quickly.
  Big cities are really not my thing. Didn’t remember to look up an art museum. The botanical garden seems to be closed for the general public. Bookshops don’t contain anything interesting.
The main positive effect of a city is that it contains a lot of food and a possibility to sleep in a bed. The food paradoxically is usually grown outside of the city.
from Kvasy to Lviv
from Lviv to Tallinn

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