from Kvasy to Lviv

Get an omelette and go to look for the house number 53.
I found a hint in the internet where if approximately could be. Most houses do not have numbers attached and when they do, it looks rather random. 120 is next to 71 for example. To my great surprise and joy the house no 53 is one of the few with a number.
Next I proceed to the railway station to buy a ticket. The counter is closed on Wednesdays. Luckily there are two guys who spent a night on the station floor and who show me where to buy a ticket online. It didn’t work with my card in Lviv but after some hassle it works now.
So I get my backpack from the hotel and park at Tsypa. Have a second breakfast, drink two coffees. Read an e-book about wind.
Move to the station when there’s a break in rain. A family of four arrives and seeing a train going the other direction they predict that our train will be up to two hours late. Because of the weather. I had never figured it out by myself. It is in the end only 45 minutes late though but still.
The train takes me back to Tatariv and beyond. Prut rushes along the railway having a color of a coffee with milk. After rain the ofherwise clear rivers turn muddy from the sediment that the water brings from the mountains. The Carpathians look stern now under grey skies. Soon the mountains are gone and landscape is flat.
By the time we reach Lviv the delay is only 15 minutes and the moon is out.
walk to Kvasy

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