Cold. Zero degrees or something.
I head for Giudecca. It belongs to Dorsoduro but is an island of its own.
The market of women's prison should be open in the morning but it is not. I walk until Molino Stucky, industrial architecture. Il Redentore is open, la Zitelle closed in the winter. Modern art museum Giudecca 795 is open only on special arrangement says the sign on the door. Not in the afternoon like the homepage said. Good to know. Photography museum is open according to homepage and the sign on the door. But it is actually closed. Villa Herriot has its gate open and I look around. The rest of the villas are firmly closed and crumble in silence. I go to warm myself over an espresso and get to observe a fiery argument between two old men. San Giorgio amphitheater is behind a locked gate. Well, traveling outside the season also has its downside. Go home to read.
At three I have an appointment in Arzana collection. A man comes and shows me the only remaining  gondolin da fresco. They are a group of friends who collect and restore old boats.
I continue towards San Polo. Earlier I saw a sign in vaporetto but I'm not sure if I understood it right. But yes, there is ice skating. Together with the option of being photographed by numerous Japanese tourists.

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