medieval walls

Houses shine in the sun, further away are the Dolomites, dark and threatening.
First destination today is Bassano del Grappa. I locate the river, visit Poli grappa museum and Nardini grappa house. Drink some mezzo. Stefano behind the counter speaks Italian very slowly so that I'd understand. I don't actually speak Italian but the people here don't speak anything else.
Marostica and giant chess board. Nice view from the mountain behind the city hall.
Cittadella has a walled old city. Nothing new. With the ten minutes that is takes me to walk across the city a restaurant where I planned to eat has disappeared and the central square that was just empty has been filled with cars. Strange place.
I have an accommodation somewhere close. Sounds like the guesthouse of farmers' society. Only chicken. When I squat to take a picture then they all run towards me. Finally Piero appears on a bicycle. Gives me the key and leaves to finish his beer in the gas station.
Noale and Asolo
more walls

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