Noale and Asolo

Most people, when they heard that I'm going to Venice again, reacted with an acknowledgment that I've been there already.
True. That has never stopped me from going to Soomaa.
The guidebook describes Venice i January as follows: warm clothes, hot chocolate, few tourists, misty streets, snow falling on the Grand Canal. Cold but picturesque. Dog shit. Must look where you step.
First five days are meant to compensate the ruined mountain excursion from last time.
Noale was once the next powerful city after Venice. Churches, squares and castle on the water are advertised. But there's a market where people sell fish, fruit, cheese, sweatpants, chicken wings and hedge trimmers. Around the castle ruins is a dyke, in the dyke is a swan.
It takes some time to locate the center in Asolo. Steps instead of streets, deserted. Finally I find a restaurant where all the people are. And coffee.
Accommodation in Pagnano, in a turismo rural.
medieval walls

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