I sleep until Scuola Grande di San Rocco is opened.
It is full of Tintoretto.
Then I visit the Moors again. They were actually merchant brothers Rioba, Sandi and Afani and their servant. Came to Venice in 12th century from Morea on Peloponnesos and turned into stoned because of greed.
Madonna dell'Orto church is open now.
In vaporetto stop two Japanese girls decide to throw their baguette to the doves and there ensues a dove-fight. American tourists photograph this enthusiastically. Now wonder locals don't like doves and tourists.
On my itinerary are Torcello, favourite place of Ezra Pound which is mostly closed off for tourists, and Burano which lives off colors. I have a bit fun with the colors then. Murano is already shut down after thunder storm.
walk with Mario
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