from Lõunalaagri to Härma, 26,6 km

I dreamt about carrying a small elefant on my back. Interesting.
Clear sky, hot sun. Trail almost passes Koidula border check point and continues then along a disused railway dam. Raspberries on the right slow me down. Then forest, sizzling hot.
There's a café in Piusa in summer. I have a snack, cold and hot drinks. I don't visit the caves because I've been there and a children's group is just going in.
After that more forest. And gravel road with dust from vehicles.
Enter Võrumaa. New signs. An RMK worker ist going to cut grass from the camp site. Later we have a chat about the trail, weather and other hikers. The camp site is the best so far, well equipped, beautiful location and nice weather. Silent. Enough time to read a book before making dinner.
from Värska to Lõunalaagri, 26,3 km
from Härma to Kirikumäe, 25,3 km

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