from Värska to Lõunalaagri, 26,3 km

It rains in the morning although it shouldn't according to weather forecast. I had planned to visit Setomaa museum and local café nearby but unfortunately these are closed on Mondays. Strange.
Sky slowly cleares and sun comes out. The whole trail today goes through quiet forest without any people. Patches of sun between trees. Some blueberries. Terrain is nicely hilly.
Picnic stop at Poogandi camp site. There's a small pond and possible to kind of swim. Next stop at Vana-Jüri soap shop. Local produce, strait from nature. Smells good and we have a nice chat with the owner.
The whole area was used for military exercises in the 1920ies that's why the camp site is called "southern camp" (lõunalaagri). Northern camp was on the edge of Värska town.
It would be a very quiet evening if not for the train noice from Petseri (Russia). It's the area where Vietnamese illegaly try to cross over to the EU.
from Liipsaare to Värska, 31,3 km
from Lõunalaagri to Härma, 26,6 km

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