from Papi to Kukemetsa, 30,2 km

It's very cold in the morning, I put on gloves. Otherwise it's quiet and sun is slowly rising. Mist on the lake, Russians snoring.
Mostly today's trail consists of lovely forest paths. Forest starts to be more bumpy and trail also goes up and down. Huge blueberries.
Buy some fresh salt cucumbers from a lady by the road and make a rich picnic by Kaiu lake. The lake is incredibly blue.
There's no water near next camp site, Kukemetsa. So I go and ask from the last house before the camp site. There's a nice elderly lady who gives me water from her well and inquires where I'm going.
Camp site is nice, I decide to sleep in a small room above wood storage. Some birds are chirping, a bee flies by. Now there's less to go towards Ähijärve than to Peraküla. I feel good.
from Patjala to Papi, 35,1 km
from Kukemetsa to Kantsi, 37,6 km

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