from Patjala to Papi, 35,1 km

Once more decent coffee in Mokko and then back to the trail, to the place where I stopped yesterday.
Cloudy at first but more and more blue sky appears. After some hours is overhead a classic Estonian summer view, white pillow-like clouds in blue sky. Vooremaa has a lovely rolling landscape with long and narrow lakes, flowers in meadows and fields that reach the sky. Noice is created by cricketers.
Nice and friendly woman at Elistvere visitors' center lets me have a coffee and we chat for a while. Always such good people working in these places.
Some paved road takes me towards ice-cream in Maarja-Magdaleena which has a church with an elegant tower, visible kilometers before you reach the place. Then some lovely peaceful gravel road continues to Saare lake where we usually go swimming. Here I meet my sister, Kalle and my big bag again. After a swim it's time to put up camp but the camp site which was empty just an hour ago is suddenly filled with at least hundered Russians. This can not be a very quiet neighborhood but after a while everything is somehow miraculously silenced. A wonderful windless warm evening.
from Siimusti to Patjala, 24,3 km
from Papi to Kukemetsa, 30,2 km

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