from Peraküla to Vihterpalu, 30,41 km

It's a nice morning despite some disagreemets with local nature park guy. We stay friends in the end.
First I have to walk back to Peraküla to get hiker's passport. You collect stamps in this and then get free shower or coffee or something. The boss of the information center comes to inquire my goal and wishes all the best. I've met her a few years ago.
Shady trail wanders in the forest, with patches of sun. Blueberries and wild strawberries serve as dessert to-go. Literally. Butterflies add to the mood. A deer rushes past. Forest changes to beach and I use many times the opportunity to swim. Water is lovely, with gentle waves. In many places there's no-one in sight, just endless strech of sand and waves. And birds with the young ones. And ants.
Towards the evening there's some thunder in the background but no rain. Just special effects. Sun peeks through clouds as I sit in the campsite and drink tea.
from Tallinn to Peraküla
from Vihterpalu to Padise, 27,8 km

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