from Vihterpalu to Padise, 27,8 km

The weather in the morning is the same, sun and thunder. First raindrops fall just after I've finished packing and am putting on rain trousers. All about timing.
First the forest acts as an umbrella. Thunder is all around but with little rain. Real rain starts a few kilometers before Harju-Risti. By the time I reach the church, I'm soaked. Churches in Estonia are usually locked. This one has half a meter covered  space before the door. A sign on the door says it will be opened in half an hour. So when the minister arrives, she is more surprised to see me than I am to see her. I climb the bell tower and spot good weather on the horizon. Praise the Lord.
Good weather really arrives, as do Finnish cyclists. I buy some Estonian dessert (kohuke) and eat it in front of the shop. Life is good again.
Forest is full of wild strawberries. Can't eat them all although I give it a try. Then five hikers sit in the middle of the trail. They are going to Peraküla, started in Keila.
Padise camping site is occupied by a Russian family. They leave after I've finished cleaning the garbage away from the surroundings. A magpie lives inside a tree.
from Peraküla to Vihterpalu, 30,41 km
from Padise to Metsanurme, 47,01 km

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