from Peri to Liipsaare, 33,7 km

It's a day of putting on and taking off rain clothes. As soon as I have them on, the rain stops. When I take them off, it starts to drizzle.
Mostly fine forest paths. Cowberries are added to the diet.
By the evening I reach Meenikunno bog. There's a cabin, available to everyone. Luckily no-one has moved in yet. The bog is popular but most people just walk the wooden path and leave. I wait for a gap in the stream of people and take a short swim in the lake in the middle of the bog. Nice. I also need water for cooking and wash some socks. Now when the weather is fine, I have a roof over my head...
from Ahja to Peri, 38,6 km
from Liipsaare to Värska, 31,3 km

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