from Liipsaare to Värska, 31,3 km

Before going to sleep I climbed to the wooden tower on the edge of the bog to see sunset. It was bright orange and lilac.
Morning is bright then clouds start to form. After the bog the trail passes Mustjärv (black lake) and Valgejärv (white lake). These two are less than 2 km apart, one has very dark water due to many minerals, the other is with crystal clear water because lack of these.
At Rebasmäe are a group of youngsters who offer me cake. Good, something different to eat. There's a spring nearby, a very atmospheric place. And clean cold water.
Part of the trail passes through forest, nice, quiet and refreshing, some through open country which makes me sleepy because of hot sun.
I have arrived in Setomaa, haven't been here before. Roads are sandy, horseflies particularly active and dogs bark in Setoese.
Camp site is next to Õrvasa lake. That gives a good opportunity to swim before dinner.
from Peri to Liipsaare, 33,7 km
from Värska to Lõunalaagri, 26,3 km

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